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Quality & Productivity Solutions

In order to have more advantage to compete and develop the matter of productivity and quality have always been a crucial aspect to avoid waste and unreasonable step in production and increasing quantity, Products quality and services.

The quality and yield consulting program had introduced many quality tools (5S, Kaizen, IE, Lean) In order to analysis the activities in detail and in a bigger picture So that we could come up with solutions that are possibly innovated and optimized.

The experience and while training specialist from Proman Invest will start to measure and analyze:

  • Industrial process, state machine diagram, production flow
  • Balance chain
  • Human Resource planning.
  • Operation steps, skills and working manners of employees.
  • Inventory
  • Machine utilization factor,...etc

From there we can come up with solution and methods for training courses to improve the awareness and skills for all employees. Building a process systematically and standardized every single activity and steps in order to create an effective and professional working manner and increase productivity.