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Fire & smoke door seal

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Intumescent fire door seal

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Fire intumescent strip with graphite core mainly used in steel door, wooden door, window between door leaf.

When fire Fire intumescent strip will be Automatic inflation, sealing the door gap, blocking air 

circulation between two spaces, effectively prevent fire early smoke, toxic gas and heat and 

control the harm of human body fire spread.

  • Cover: Thermoplastic
  • Core: Graphite
  • Size: The width: 10-50mm; The thickness: 1-5mm
  • Color: Red, brown, white, black,
  • Initial expansion temperature: 199 ℃
  • Main expansion temperature: 350 ℃
  • Intumescent expands: 6 – 30 times
  • Linear expansion ratio: ≥3 times

How To Install

Most new fire doors will come with pre-routed grooves to fit the intumescent strips into. If your door does not already have grooves you will need a router and the router bit must match the size of the strip you are fitting.

Cut the strip to the desired length to match the height of the door. Most intumescent strips have a self-adhesive backing so peel off the paper on the back and push the strip into the groove firmly to secure it. Make sure the groove is free of dust, dirt or grease before inserting the strip into the groove.

A fire door should be self-closing with the aid of a door closer. You may find you have to adjust the door closer to make sure it fully shuts now the strip has been fitted.


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